This green machine is packed with ingredients to detox your skin, treat body acne and blackheads AND firm your skin!  The high quality seaweed powder included helps with cellulite reduction and also helps treat blotches on the skin by nourishing it and improving the skin's complexion.  Apply Incredible Hulk to your face or body; works AMAZING as a treatment after waxing or for a booty facial!
This mask comes ready to be mixed with filtered water, aloe vera gel, *apple cider vinegar or even rice water!  Mix only what you plan to use to avoid mold or other bacteria forming. 
Available only in 4oz. 
*If you have a sensitive or dry skin type, avoid mixing with apple cider vinegar.

Incredible Hulk

  • French green clay, 100% certified organic kelp (seaweed) powder, kaolin clay, essenial oil blend.