Say hello to a new natural way to enjoy intimacy!


Splash Waterfalls is an all natural water based lubricant and doesn't contain any oils that would interferre with condom use.  This lubricant is vegan, glycerin free, paraben free, gluten free, silicone free and petrochemical free.  


Select with or without CBD.  CBD is 1,000mg full spectrum organic CBD oil.  


Why Use a Natural Lube?

Intimate tissues are extra vulnerable to absorbing irritants and tissue damaging chemicals; buying natural products ensures you minimise your chemical body burden.  Organic products are not only gentler on you and your body, but they're also better for our planet.  


What is the Benefit of the CBD Lube?

While there are no concrete proven benefits to using CBD in lubricant, the benefits of CBD can be used to conclude that some benefits could be the anti-inflammation properties of CBD making intercourse less painful, relaxed muscles, and increased blood flow.  For more information on this topic, check out an article by Shape HERE




Splash Waterfalls - All Natural Lubricant