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If you enjoy moisturizing in luxury, then rejoice because these all natural oils are EXACTLY what you've been missing!  Each one has a unique fragrance that appeals to any senses and are rich in vitamin e. 


Figi is a perfect after shower body oil, as the scent reminds you of a fresh rainforest.  This soothing herbal infused oil blend helps to improve complexion and skin tone, and also has antibacterial and antioxidant components.  


Tighten Up was made to help firm the tighten and brighten your skin.  It's also great for healing dry skin and has anti-aging properties.  The added argan oil works to keep your skin soft and supple and has a sheer, sweet scent.  


James Joint is blended with hemp seed oil and was formulated to help our skin heal and repair its barrier.  It's also super hydrating!!  The soft, pleasant fragrance puts you in a romantic mood...which would make JJ a great massage oil! ;)


Each is available in 4oz and 8oz. 

All Natural Body Oils

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