Constant handwashing can be harsh on your hands, leaving them dry, cracked and painful.  


This limted edition bundle has everything you need to keep your hands silky smooth and your nail beds healthy and strong. 


Created to compliment the hand scrub, Lemonade hand cream smells like lemon cake and is made with raw shea butter and coats your hands and protects them from damage from excessive washing.


Fingertips is an all natural, nourshing cuticle serum made with sweet almond oil and vitamin e and an essential oil blend that soothes dry cuticles and and small and convenient enough for you to carry in your purse or pocket!  Simply roll the cuticle serum on your cuticles as needed.  Perfect for men and women. 



What's Included: 


  • 4oz Lemonade Hand Scrub
  • 2oz Lemonade Hand Cream
  • 5ml Fingertips Cuticle Serum


Purchase now and also receive a complientary tealight candle of Kandles By Kierra's Lemon Pound Cake scent.  It smells sooo good!

Lemonade Hand Bundle

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